Raven brings over 40 years of world-class experience installing geomembrane liner systems across the globe.

  • Approved Installation Contractor (AIC) with IAGI certified welding technicians
  • Custom design-build services for turn-key solutions
  • Exclusive network of approved installation partners to ensure customers’ needs are uniquely met
  • Install the widest range of product in order to get the right product to meet project specific needs
IAGI Approved Installation Contractor (AIC)

Raven CLI Construction is an Approved Installation Contractor, which is a program that aims to promote industry growth and provide better quality workmanship. The program recognizes geosynthetic installation companies that meet a minimum level of professionalism, ethics and business practices. Approved Installation Contractors must meet requirements in the following areas: corporate history and business practices, insurance verification, safety training, and professional competence and experience.

Employing Experienced Welding Technicians (CWT)

Raven CLI Construction Supervisors and many of our crew members are IAGI Certified Welding Technicians. The purpose of IAGIs Certified Welding Technician (CWT) program is to recognize the knowledge, experience and skill of installers in Polyethylene, PVC, Reinforced and EPDM geomembrane welding. The programs reward those who qualify with industry recognition. The geomembrane welders certification program was developed so installers could define standards of proficiency, recognize the knowledge, experience and skill of installers, and reward those who qualify with industry recognition. Engineers and job site owners benefit from IAGIs Certified Welding Technician (CWT) programs because certification verifies that the welders on their job have experience in welding. Additionally, engineers can specify that the polyethylene or reinforced geomembrane welders are certified for the type of welding they will perform. The CWT program certifies welders for both extrusion and fusion welding methods.

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