Energy Liners & Covers

Raven manufactures high-quality proven products for the gas and oil industries that maximize site coverage, longevity, and durability while minimizing installation days — saving time and money. Raven consistently delivers reliable containment solutions, quick response times, and strong factory-welded seams. We are fully integrated from manufacturing to fabrication to installation, providing high-quality custom built liners that solve your containment challenges.

“Our choice is the DuraSkrim® N-Series Reinforced LLDPE. It works well for drilling through completions.”

— Dale Fidurko, HG Energy

Drilling through completion

Raven liners are laid once from drilling through completion. Our high-impact, tear, and puncture-resistant liners withstand the pressures of drilling, cementing, testing, and well completion. In addition, the highly UV-stabilized materials are designed for long-term application. You only need to purchase one liner for your entire process — which saves on labor and material costs.